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[pct-l] Re-routing to the AT

Walt & I are heading out for the AT tomorrow morning.  We will leave Linden, 
Va just before Front Royal and the Skyline Drive, heading south toward 
Stringer, GA.  We are heading down into the "green tunnel" and an eastern 
adventure, our packs will be lighter due to the higher temps, humidity and 
probably afternoon rains.  The AT is a trail of beauty and hills and we are 
welcoming its call!

Our hearts are still on the PCT and all our friends.  This wasn't the year 
for us to finish our hike, we will return --our sights are set for 1999! We 
hope the weather is more favorable for everyone still on the trail for the 
rest of the summer and that the creeks rise and fall before you have to do 
any crossings. 

Please let us know how you are doing when you can.  Best of luck to all our 
friends -- we miss each of you; Ron & Bob, Jeremy & Priscilla, Annelise, 
Wendy, TedNDeb, Mousetrap, Jason & Emily, Grasshopper, Grateful Greenpeace, 
Kevin O' Leary, Dave & Jullie, Martina & Brian & Brian, Alexis & Dave (?), 
Ranger Dave, Anthony, Liz & Andrea, Jeff, Beth & Scott, Denise, Mark Dixon &  
Jim, Dave, and Joanna & Jason. Our prayers are with you for a fantastic and 
safe adventure along the crest!     

To Joe & Bob at the PCTA, thanks for all your support this year, it meant so 
very much to us. To everyone else, especially Charlie Jones & Cheryl, God 
Bless and -- Happy Trails

Walt and Pat    

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