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[pct-l] Martina & Brian and others

Dear PCTL,

Martina and Brian called today from Snoqualmie Pass to report excellent
weather and light cover to patchy snow conditions.  Heavy snow around Mt.
Baker area.  They lost the trail several times in that area, passed a lost
group of six PCT'ers, found their way and blazed a trail in the snow for
others to follow now that the snow storms have abated.  They were only able
to do about 18 miles / day around Baker.  20 - 25 miles per day now.  Brian
Sweet met them at Manning Park and has been hiking with them again.
"Marathon Man" has also.  They have been nick-named Dolly and the Hound
Dog.  All is well, the weather is perfect (remember they are from Scotland)
and the area is beautiful.  Mosquitoes haven't emerged yet.  They are happy
about bailing out of the Sierra and moving up to Manning to head south and
looking forward to the Sierra in the fall.

Best regards and in support,

Greg "Strider" Hummel
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