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[pct-l] re: tahoe-yosemite

jeffrey olson wrote:

>>>I would hesitate going over Sonora Pass or the climb up to wolf Lake on the
north side of Hwy 120.  Both are very exposed, passable if you're confident
and careful.  Cindy Ross in her book about the PCT describes falling on
Sonora Pass.  I hiked up the pass from the north last year and hit only a
couple snow banks, each of which had my nerves rattling.  If you're a
thruhiker and been thru the snowy Southern Sierra, that's one thing.  Unless
you're confident and been in exposed situations before, the TYT is no less
dangerous in places than the JMT.   <<<

true, the south side of sonora pass is quite intimidating (cindy ross'
experience), and the north side is a little hairy but easier than the
south, and more snow free.

however, the TYT avoids both these areas.  the TYT leaves the PCT and
yosemite at bond pass, and comes down into kennedy meadows resort (the
northern one on hwy 108!).  the official route then follows 108 8 miles E
up to the trail head for st. mary's pass, about a 3/4 mile W of sonora
pass.  i suggest hitching up 108, it is not a safe walk.  st. mary's pass
is less steep on both sides (coming up from 108 and going down to clark's
meadow) than sonora pass.

don't get me wrong, this is a wilderness trail, and this is a heavy snow
year, so most crest trails will have difficult sections.  but whereas the
JMT may have 6 or 7 hairy spots, the TYT may have 2 or 3.

and i just thought of one more - crossing the mokelumne river north of rte
4, alpine lake.  it was deep, wide and calm in 94.  likely to be deeper,
wider and less calm now.  still, that's only one bad river crossing (benson
valley flooding (per greg) notwithstanding) compared to quite a few on the

best bet is to wait til august!  :)

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