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[pct-l] Sierra Rivers

The four southern sierra rivers peaked June 16-17.

The San Joaquin will be at 70% of 1998 peak for the July 4th weekend and
drop to 42% in mid-July. The San Joaquin drains the PCT from Muir Pass to
north of Vermillion Valley Resort (VVR) on Lake Edison

The raging Kings that drains the PCT north of Forrester Pass to Muir Pass
will subside to 70% of its 1998 peak for the July 4th weekend and drop to
45% of peak in mid-July. Eyewitnesses say it is currently unbelievable with
every small creek a raging torrent.

The Kaweah will drop to 70% of peak for the 4th and 33% by mid-July.
Although the Kaweah does not drain the PCT is a benchmark. The National
Park Ranger service rates the Kaweah at 70% of 1998 as "almost unpassable"

The Kern is a different story. This river drains the PCT south of Forrester
Pass. It will remain at 80% of 1998 peak for the 4th and drop only to 60%
by mid July.  It clearly stays higher longer!

Remembering that 1998 is a big-time flood year, one can assume that
tributaries of the Kern River will be difficult crossings. This means
Whitney, Wallace and Tyndale Creeks among many others.

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