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[pct-l] Re: Lord Badden-Powell

At 05:16 PM 5/29/98 -0500, radney@ix.netcom.com sent:
>>I didn't realize there even WAS a Mount B-P in the States, as he was VERY 
>>British.    >Earl
>Lord Badden-Powell was VERY BRITISH, but he also was the founder for the Boy 
>Scouts in the United States.

	Actually, he was the founder of the BRITISH	 scouts.  The American
scouting organization was actually founded by William Boyce.  The story
goes that a British Scout helped him and refused reward because he WAS a
Scout, thus inspiring Boyce to bring the program to the States.

	B-P was so British, in fact, that if we were to hear his name today in
America, we'd think he said Baden-Pole.  :-)

>Hiking this part of the trail was very special to 
>us.  We knew it was dedicated in honor of a special man who gave so much to 
>help our young men learn about the adventure and joy of hiking.

	The actual _aims_ of Boy Scouts of America are Building Character,
Fostering Citizenship, and Developing Mental, Moral, and Physical Fitness.
This is accomplished through the _methods_ of Scouting, which include the
Outdoor Program, of which hiking and camping are major parts.

> They grew 
>up to appreciate nature and learned how to be a part of it constructively.  

	Yes, they did.  Also society as a whole.
	In fact, B-P said that the military taught people to be ready for war, but
that Scouting was to teach boys to be ready for peace.

>Way to go gov'nr!  Here, Here Lord Badden-Powell!!


	'EAR! 'EAR!  (Er, uh, I mean HEAR! HEAR!)

	Thanks for the note.  Do you do anything in Scouting?

	I used ot be a FOX!  (That's a Wood Badge term...)

Earl Needham, KD5XB    mailto:KD5XB@AMSAT.ORG
Lead trombone for Bill Case & the Velvetones (big band)
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