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[pct-l] re: Tyvek

<snip>..."I compared the cost of Tyvek to 4 mil plastic, and it turns out 
that we
could include a brand new 9X9 plastic tarp in each of our resupply boxes
for the cost of one Tyvek tarp."

 I use 4mil black plastic myself as a tent footprint, because I feel the 4 
mil thickness provides a nice durability over 3 mil, and the black color 
allows condensation to dry quickly. Do you, or anyone else have a per sq. 
foot or per sq. yard weight comparision between Tyvek and 4 mil. plastic? If 
I can't get water and mud to evaporate on the tyvek before I break camp, 
isn't the weight savings minimal?

-Ken Marlow
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