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[pct-l] resupply info on N. PCT

Hey everybody.
Look out for some Southern boys hitting the PCT soon! Myself and three
buddies from the University of Georgia are making the trek southbound. 
I've contacted all my resupply points directly except for a few. I would
appreciate your help. The Cascade Locks (Oregon) PO phone #
(541-374-8410) has changed, and 411 can't help me. I would like the
phone #, or can someone verify that the address is the same as that in
the guidebook? Is the Big Lake Youth Camp (alternate resupply point) in
Oregon still accepting hiker's packages? I called 541-382-7429 but got
no answer and no answering machine. And last but not least, there is no
response from Elk Lake Resort (541-317-2994). Are they still in
business, and is the address still: PO Box 789  Bend, OR 97709 ?
Thanks, and if anyone has any special advice for us that'd be great. I
did spend last summer at Mt. Rainier, so I at least have a small idea of
what the country looks like out there.

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