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[pct-l] Cabazon

When I did the PCT in '82, I dropped down from the San Jacintos into 
Cabazon. Is this still the case via a permanent section? Are people still 
spending the night behind the Fire Station in Cabazon? I recall the 
guidebook not mentioning (as well as anyone else) the lawn sprinkler 
situation at this popular overnight stay. They come-on every 1/2 hour from 
various locations, as well as the city park (that has the restrooms). Anyone 
run into this problem? On a clear star-filled night, I ended-up having to 
sleep in my tent with the rainfly on. At the time, people stayed here, as it 
was the last water (anyway you get it) till the town of Whitewater. I 
haven't purchased more recent guidebooks.

-Ken Marlow
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