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Re: [pct-l] AHS Capitol Trials Broadcast

>   Our public lands and trails programs are already underfunded even under
>current budget levels.  Additional cutbacks will cripple these vital
>even further.

imo & political...
true... but the american people are not undertaxed... if we want $ for
trails then it's up to us to help congress find waste & fraud $ that can be
spent on trails that's already in the government coffers... for example:

here in indiana, there's a plan that'll cut thru the lower 1/3 of our state
to build I-69 at a cost of over 1 billion+ $, destroying farmland & forests
& more, the new I-69 will bypass the old communities & kill them off just
like parts of old route 66 died, when there is a cheaper alternative that
would save 600+ million $ (rebuilding an old us highway)...

imo, AHS should stop its old 60s whinning, they won the argument, people
want trails but they also want government to not waste money... AHS should
help congress find money that is categorized by nbc news as the fleecing of

AHS should marshall its troops to help us in indiana save some land & the
government 600 million $... if our little groups get some help, then the pct
could have some of the money it needs... the money is already there, some of
it's just going to the wrong places...

safe travel / will / the green ghost.

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