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[pct-l] Re: Returned mail: Coupler

I tried to respond to Antares message on couplers but the message was 
returned so I am posting it to just the PCT discussion group in hopes he 
will still be able to receive the message

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>On 05/28/98 07:16:34 you wrote:
>>This is probably a silly question, but what is a coupler and what does it 
>do? I assume you are not using a coupler with a mummy type bag, either.
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>A "coupler" is a piece of cloth (not a very heavy cloth) that zips together 
>with a sleeping bag -- coupling them, another way of thinking of name is 
>that a "coupler" of people can now sleep together!  A sleeping bag becomes 
>acomforter, opening up flat. It is best to sleep on a thermarest,ridgerest, 
>foam, etc., especially in cold weather or on wet, snowy, icy ground to keep 
>the cold from seeping into your already aching body -- it puts another 
>layer between you and cold.  A couple (or very large person) can sleep in 
>relative comfort and only carry ONE sleeping bag thereby cutting down on 
>weight,because most couplers don't weight very much- less than a sleeping 
>bag. Walt could give you the weight down to the fraction of an ounce but he 
>is hiking the PCT. I also believe the life of a sleeping bag is extended 
>because your body weight is not always flattening and crushing down the 
>fiber fill or down when you sleep on it -- the bag is always on top!    At 
>this point I know of no "mummy" bag that converts this way, the shape in of 
>itself, would suggest it's not desirable.
>Happy Trails ---Pat   #:>)  

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