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Re: [pct-l] Hikers at Idyllwild

On 05/27/98 21:15:01 you wrote:
>Saw your post on the PCT mailing list.  I'll be hiking up to San Jacinto
>(snow practice for expected JMT snow later this summer) and would be
>willing to drop off a treat or two where the Marion Mtn Trail crosses the
>PCT if you know of anyone that will be strolling through there on Saturday.
>Just let me know the treat (Weight isn't terribly important)!
>Andy (future JMT hiker)
Hi Andy, that is mighty gracious of you.  I believe the Marion Mtn Trail is 
nearly to Idyllwild and almost everyone will be heading toward there after a 
strenuous hike and have mega town food cravings such as; fresh fruit 
(oranges & apples, etc),  P&J, baloney or other luncheon meat on "fresh 
bread" instead of the crackers, bagels, tortillias we are using for carbos 
and sandwich bread substitutes. Long distance hikers becomes tired of these 
after several weeks on the trail and crave food that is either heavy, bulky 
or fresh and crushable! If you are wanting to pack in weight for training 
purposes, fresh milk, juices, and etc., are always desirable.

I don't know how many hikers will be at the crossing then and you may have 
to carry your weight back down the trail.  It would have to be early since 
the Post Office will be closing around noon on Saturday and most hikers will 
want to get their supply boxes on Friday or early Saturday morning unless 
they are planning on taking a rest day Sunday and getting their boxes on 
Monday -- logistics of a PCT hiker!

Happy training and hiking the JMT -- glad you are getting prepared for snow 
hiking and hope you are proficient with ice axe, crampons and KNOW self 
arrest well enough to use it automatically! Last year the Sierras weren't 
anywhere near as difficult a snow situation as they are going to be this 
year -- hikers still fell and got hurt, heaven only knows wheither they will 
even be hikable by the end of August or September!  Be careful-- I'm a Mom 
and worrying comes with the title!  Thank you again for being a "Trail 

Pat  #:>) 

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