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[pct-l] Hiking in Alaska

Hello all of you PCT hikers! I am new to this list and the internet in
general. I have enjoyed reading of you all's experiences on the PCT and hope
I can do some some day.  Right now I am planning a trip to Alaska and I'm
hoping to find someone who can share their experiences with me. We want to
hike North of the Artic Circle, and am considering flying into Anaktuvuk
Pass in Gates of the Artic Natl Park.  Has anybody hike there?? Can you tell
me what it's like?  We are students, need to plan a low cost trip and
therefore planning our own trip without a guide.  We have hiked extensively
in Colorado, hiked up over 40 14,000 ft. mts plus we were in Ak in 1987
hiking around.

Also am interested in driving the Haul Rd, towards Prudhoe Bay,  to Atigun
Pass and would like to hike from the Haul Rd.  Are there any spots in
particular you'd recommend?  Wanted to hike Atigun Pass area.  We'd like to
summit some mountains as long as it doesnot require technical skills.  We
will have a rental car; is it possible to drive the road without injuring
your car from rocks that the trucks throw up?  We know the rental car
companies don't want you to take their vehicle up there, and we are leaning
towards not doing this but has anybody successfully done this?

We want to hike to mountain summits that do not involve technical skills.
Any info advice will be appreciated 
Please send responses directly to me at laj8190@garnet.acns.fsu.edu  

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