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[pct-l] Hikers at Idyllwild

Walt and Ron made it into Idyllwild yesterday -- they got chased off of the 
mountain by cold rain and high winds!  Ron was getting hypothermic, he 
didn't have much cold weather clothing. Both have decided to take a couple 
of days off so they could feel clean for more than a few hours, Idyllwild 
is also a fantastic little town.

They came off the trail with a young man named Bob. I believe Walt said Bob 
is hiking the PCT before taking up legal practice .  Bob was hiking on and 
off with a young lady named Cheryl.  Lighten up ladies -- she stayed on the 
trail and the guys got chased off, Walt told me Cheryl is a really strong 
hiker and he has lots of admiration for her.  A couple of other hikers saw 
her late yesterday and said she was doing fine and was heading into town 
this afternoon. Walt forgot the two hikers names (they were guys!).  Sorry, 
we are both getting to that stage in life when forgetting names happens more 
frequently than is comfortable.  The guys said the winds were even stronger 
up there today -- maybe 50-60 miles an hour! Their are also two other 
couples heading for Idyllwild but Walt hasn't heard who they are.  It is 
really wonderful to know so many couples are out on the trail today -- the 
couples that hike together stay together!

For those of you waiting for news of Dave and Julie Humphries, they are 
doing quite well except for their supply boxes.  It seems Dave HUMPHREY had 
to get off of the trail and sent in requests to have his boxes returned.  
Because their names are so similar the Post Office also sent the Humphries 
boxes to him at his return address! Dave and Julie got the new Post Office 
number (1-800-275-8777) and are trying to get the situatioin straightened 
out. This number will let you speak with any PO in the US  -- AND-- it is 
toll free!  Thanks for giving me the number Beth (Murdock) and Wendy!

After talking with the Ranger again today, Walt and Ron will head out after 
10 AM tomorrow  (Thursday) for a Jeep trail that will take them around 
Fuller Ridge.  There is still a bad section, a bowl that is very tricky to 
cross, when going over Fuller Ridge and you really need ice axes 
and crampons.  The Jeep trail is passable to a point by vehicle and then the 
snow is about 3 ft for a good ways.  Neither of them have ice axes and the 
Ranger seemed to think they wouldn't need them.  Hope he is right!

Walt hopes that Long Canyon Creek isn't too bad with all the extra water, it 
could be a little tricky to ford. They are scheduled to reach Big Bear on 
June 2nd, me too but unfortunately I won't be hiking by way of the PCT.  

Happy Trails

Pat  #:>)

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