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[pct-l] Lightening your pack, for couples.

I thing my wife and I have done for years is to hike with only one
sleeping bag and a coupler.  The coupler turns your sleeping bag into a
big blanket.  We have spent several nights in sub-zero temperatures and
not been cold.  In so ways it is even wormier, remember, you have two
people heating up the sleeping bag not one.  Another nice thing is, you
get rid to the weigh of one sleeping bag.  True it is best if your
hiking partner is your significant other, but....  We have used two
different companies equipment Marmot and Feathered Friends.  Feathered
Friends has the lightest sleeping bags that we have found.  You will pay
for it, and there is a waiting list.

Tim and Ann
The Ravens   PCT '96

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