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[pct-l] Wrightwood to Agua Dulce

Dear PCTL,

I heard again from Brian Dickson and Martina Osterloh, this time from Agua
Dulce.  They say conditions from Wrightwood aren't too bad.  Snow on and
off the trail, averaged 20 miles/day.  Some footprints ahead but they think
they are the leading thru-hikers.  Met up with six or seven PCTers in Agua
Dulce preparing to hike a section or following them into town.  A group of
people preparing for National Trails Day are very friendly and offered food
and refreshments gallore!

Intimidated from the information they are getting on the Sierra's.  They
will check out the conditions in Weldon and Kernville, probably make a go
at it, no matter what, to at least Kennedy Meadows then decide their
strategy.  Planning to carry ice axe and full crampons at this point.  Snow
shoes?  Skip the Sierras and come back to them in the fall?  

Isn't there a trail running north-south along the western side of the
Sierras at lower elevation than the JMT/PCT?  Anyone have any info?  This
might be an option also.

FWIW, they received the package I sent to the Canyon Store in Agua Dulce.

Stride on!

Greg "Strider" Hummel
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