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[pct-l] Auga Dulce box drop (fwd)

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Date: Sat, 23 May 98 03:13 EDT
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Subject: Auga Dulce box drop

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I'm part of the support team for a pair of hikers who called in from Wrightwood tonight.  Their next stop is in Auga Dulce and hopefully their box will be there - somewhere.  Rumors are all over the hiker "camp" that the Century 21 office has been closed for six weeks plus and the fate of supplies are ???

SOme think that the boxes are being held at a general store nearby by the name of Ray or Richard (?) Canyon Market.  Lots of rumors, few facts at this point.

As my box hasn't RTS yet, I'm hopefull it is there for them somewhere.  

Let's post the right address here...


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