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[pct-l] Resupply & PO phone numbers

Heads up out there -- I need help trying to get the phone numbers of the 
resupply places and Post Offices from Sierra City to Manning Park. I also 
need the Big Bear City Fire Department's phone number. I would appreciate 
ANY that you can give me.  You could be my missing link so don't think that 
just because you have ONE I can't use it -- ok?  No reply is insignificant!

I am leaving on June 2nd, heading back out on the PCT to join Walt and Ron 
in Big Bear.  We had been out for only three days this May when Walt and I 
were called back home because my Mother was ill and had been taken to the 
hospital.  Luckily, Joe at the PCTA had the number for the Post Office and 
gave it to my sister who had called him and she was able to get in touch 
with us. I am happy to report Mother is much better and has been able to 
regain most of the use of her legs -- she had an allergic reaction to her 
new anti-seizure medication. Mom's a great 90 yr young lady who suffers from 
Diabetes and Alzheimer's.  I have been blessed to also be her guardian.

It is Monday and I told my sisters that I would put out an "all points 
bulletin" on the net and see if I could get the phone numbers for as many 
places as I could.  Both of my sisters are running a little scared because I 
am leaving again.  The doctors have told me to leave as soon as I can and 
see how Mom does. I hate to bother Joe at the PCTA, it may come down to 
that, but I know you are all very resourceful.

So "Hey, Hey, what do ya say, Let's get Pat those numbers tody (or tomorrow 
or ---).

Thanks everyone -- 

Oh of course -- how could I forget -- what's the latest on the trail 
conditions from Anza to Idyllwild, Big Bear, Wrightwood, Agua Dulce?  How 
much snow -- where -- do you need ice axes?  How are the creek crossings?  
Rained or snowed lately -- where?  Who is where (and why?).  There are 
several hikers who started in April/May and had to get off the trail but are 
now antzy to get back on -- me included-- and could use the updates.  I know  
there are probably quite of few of you who were out this long weekend 
getting some trail magic. All of us stuck off the trail would apprecite the 
trail news!  Walt called from the Anza Campground.  It was sold recently and 
there is new management.  The lady who waited on Walt had worked there 
before and treated him really great -- he enjoyed his first shower in more 
than a week and clean cloths too!!  They wouldn't let him and Ron take a 
shower at Warner Springs -- wonder why the change?  I couldn't give Walt any 
trail new because I hadn't heard any that he could use.  Charlie gave a 
great report from Big Bear to the dam and that was really helpful to many 
who will be going that way.  I will post what new I get from Walt when he 
calls me on Wednesday.  He is planning on staying at Mission Creek Hostel 
with Randy over night.  By the way -- if you haven't heard yet-- there is 
plenty of water out there! 

And ...."here she goes-- asking for more!", I would also like trail 
conditions from Sierra City north.  Anyone out there have any updates? I 
would greatly appreciated this too.  I know they will change but --- it's 
nice to know. 

Thanks again -- in advance!  You are all great to be with-- here on the net 
and out there on the trail!

Pat -- #:>)  Happy Trail Couple

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