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[pct-l] PCT Update- Wrightwood

Trail news from PCT hikers Richard and Alison:

The hotel mentioned in the guide books at Cajon Junction near I-6 and rou=
138 is no longer in business.  There is no other place to stay there.

To complicate their next leg to Auga Dulce, the Century 21 address used a=
a box drop (there is no post office in Auga Dulce) is reportedly closed. =

Various rumors are going around in hiker circles in Wrightwood that the
boxes are being held at a general store there with the name of  Ray or
Richard Canyon Market.  Hope that is the case.  I'll let everyone know.

Alison and Richard are enroute to Auga Dulce and expect to arrive there
6/4.  =

They estimated that there were about 10-15 hikers in the town of
Wrightwood.  Also they estimate that there are about a dozen hikers ahead=

of them but it is hard to be sure as many do not sign the trail
registration books.  =

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