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[pct-l] Re: Free speech

On 5/23/98 William Speers wrote: " A private enterprise, such as this web
site, is free to censor or restrict speech in any way it pleases." 

You are certainly correct in your observation about the right of a private
organization to restrict free speech. However, those organizations which
engage in such a practice tend to become more sterile and biased. As far as I
can tell based on the quality of material presented prior to the banishment of
various individuals, and which will no longer be available to either of us,
the list already has suffered considerably. As a father, if one of my children
says something I don't like (which generally occurs about 10 times a day), I
have the option of telling them to shut up or disown them. After all I don't
receive federal funding. Alternatively I could reiterate the rules and get on
with things. One would hope that being up in the mountains would be a
psychologically broadening experience and help make one more open-minded and
tolerant. Maybe we all need to hit the trail and get out of cyber space. 
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