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[pct-l] John Muir Trail

This is my second day on the list and on my first day the first submission I saw was this:
Hi. I'm new to the PCT list and was hoping some of you veterans could
give me some advice.

I am planning a trip on the Muir trail beginning July 1.  The original
plan was to hike South to North and starting at Cottonwood pass (and
then approaching and climbing Whitney from the West), but when I called
the Whitney Ranger station in Lone Pine, I was advised that there would
probably still be snow at the peak and other passes.

My hiking partner and I do not have technical experience with crampons
or ice axes, and my guess is that Whitney is probably not the place to

Does anyone have advice on: snow and ice conditions on the Muir trail in
July, whether this would be helped by traveling North to South, and/or
the need for crampons/ice axes in this area?

Thank you!
It's exactly what I plan to be doing with my wife at the beginning of July and I had the exact same question.  Unfortunately the question wasn't answered by anyone.  In fact there was no type of answer to any type of question about hiking the PCT at all.  Someone said that was not the norm, so I guess I'll hang in there.  If anyone has an answer to the question posed by the gentleman I quoted, I sure would appreciate an answer.
I hope I sent this to the right address.