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[pct-l] Getting Ready to Go

Well, tomorrow will be the second time I've ever set foot on the PCT.
My wife and I are going for a tune-up/survey hike out of Snoqualmie
pass.  Hopefully on Tuesday we will report that our training (mostly in
urban areas) has been adequate and that the trail is passable.

I've walked somewhere in the neighborhood of 600 miles training for this
trip, my wife about 200.  We got nearly all of our food
purchased/dehydrated, including enough powdered Gatorade to make over
100 gallons!  And sadly I report we have put away the tarp and will be
using the Kelty Zen tent until we get out of snow/bug country.

Are there any southbound vets out there that can offer up some last
minute advice?  

I'm so excited I could just pee!  

PCT Class of 98
18 days to go...
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