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[pct-l] Re: Getting booted and goodbyes

I'm not a regular contributor, but I am a regular reader, and have been
learning alot about the PCT on this list. Coupla comments, especially for
newcomers, because I was thinking about how this must look to them -

1)Mostly, PCT-L has great content, questions are intelligent and directed
towards the topics we are all here for, and those of you in the know are
more than willing to answer those of us who aren't, and with expediency and
first-hand knowledge. Thanks, especially to the Admins!

2)Seems like some here, and they are the minority, are a bit more down-deep
"sensitive" than on other lists towards what people write; perhaps taking
things personally quicker - I've noticed it more than once as a
disinterested observer/third person/lurker. A quote from another person on
another list when we had finished a somewhat heated discussion is something
that is good to keep in mind - she said "I don't take List conflict too
seriously". They're just electrons representing opinions, nothing more. They
can't hurt you, they can only offend you to the degree that you let them,
and noone is going to change anothers mind or manners across the net. The
good - best - part is that you can always learn, even from someone with
radically different views than yours. Welcome their views as the sharing of
another person, and save a reaction until you understand, the outcome can be
suprising. A little netiquette can go a long way towards furthering the
process, whether you are a poster or an administrator. And then everybody
benefits, which is why we are all here, and we can learn about the PCT some

I'd say that Mike Henderson is doing the best job of "gettin' booted" and
saying "goodbye" - he's going hiking<g>.


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