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[pct-l] Good-bye

First, this message is not intended as a parting shot.
Second, I believe that the concept of freedom of expression is important 
enough to justify this post.
Third, I believe the message sent out to BJ was a threat of censorship 
based on an entirely subjective standard by someone with the authority to 
back up the threat.
Fourth, I've read Brick's response.  He doesn't appear to acknowledge 
that he has a role in this problem.  That is, in his mind, he did nothing 
wrong.  Additionally, he states he may do it again.

For these reasons, I am reluctantly dropping off this list.  Thank you 
Brick and Ryan for your hard work.  I am sure it is a difficult  job.

Tom Best

The guarantee of free speech only counts when it applies to things you 
don't want to hear.

Tom Best

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