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Re: [pct-l]jerky?

John, ovens and toast-r-ovens work great for jerky ... just set at
temperatures and crack the door open a bit.  Play around with marinades,
but it
doesn't have to be too juicy before you start - I had a batch once that
marianated overnight and the flavor was extremely strong since the
flavor seems to
concentrate as the meat dries out.

One mariande I've used that I like is-

red wine
soy sauce
fresh ginger (sliced or minced)
spot o' brown sugar

also, try substituting orange juice for the wine, and add to taste salt,
garlic, cayenne (for zip!)

I tried tofu as well as beef and it looked like little turdlets, was
terrible raw,
but added to soups (I eat a lot of miso soup), it was delicious.  It
took on flavor
even more than beef.  For the beef I've used London broils cut thin
along the grain and it works well (cheap cut of beef!)

Oh yeah, cooking.  12 to 18 hours usually does the trick.

-David Ferguson PCT '97

> Anybody have some recipes for making jerky without a dehydrator, say
> a regular ol' oven?  Thanks in advance!
> john thoreson

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