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Re: Speech (was Re: [pct-l] JMT permits)

I heartily agree.  Very well put.


> From: Bill Kristy <BCK@dev.urel.berkeley.edu>
> To: pct-l@saffron.hack.net
> Subject: Speech (was Re: [pct-l] JMT permits)
> Date: Domingo, 17 Maio, 1998 8:19 PM
> BJ received this:
> >>If the tone and temper of your list posts does not become friendly, 
> >>you will be permanently removed from the list.
> >>-Brick Robbins
> >>PCT List Admin
> I believe this is totally unfair.  After someone is
> > ....called a nazi (by both Dave & Brick) 
> , Dave uses the "b" word, and Brick the term "crap", should we expect 
> them to like it?  
> Discussion is relatively empty if only one point of view is allowed 
> (remember "Minds are like parachutes..."?).  Does our List Admin hold 
> himself and Dave to the same standard that he holds BJ to?  If not, 
> shouldn't a List Admin be more impartial than that?
> I believe that of the 3, BJ is the one who is always as polite and 
> respectful as one could ask.  And, in my eyes, no one makes a bigger 
> contribution to this List.  Her posts contain either very helpful 
> factual information, or a very well-reasoned point of view.
> >    Well...   anybody want to be PCT e-mail pen-pals?      
> With pleasure.  In addition, if BJ is removed from the List then 
> I'll resign; not mainly because the List would be poorer for it, but 
> because I'll choose to not be part of what appears to me to be a 
> threat of censorship.
> >>Bill, who plans to carry *3* Garcias (ugh) for a 19-day stretch 
> >>between resupplies
> >
> >   Jeez, Bill, that's horrible! What stretch is that?! My hat's off to
> >you - that's a lot of weight
> *Two* 19-day stretches, actually, starting over Cottonwood Pass so I 
> don't kill myself going over Trail Pass.  My own idiot choice, 
> though:  I'm taking lots of time to savour and peakbag this trip.
> Happy trails,
> Bill
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