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[pct-l] Trail Dreams!

Thanks Jeff for bringing the discussion group back to sanity. I'd like to 
share one a special PCT memory that gives me peace each time I relieve it.

Walt and I had left Echo Lake several days before and were headed up to 
Donnor Pass. We had hiked in the Desolation Wilderness and then Granit Chief 
Wildernesses and were almost to Donnor Pass. Our days had been full of ever 
changing terrain; we had been treated to the magnificient views of the Lake 
from high above Tahoe, crossed the snow covered trail down Dicks Pass, over 
lofty summits of granite peaks, around Lake Aloha and it's quiet beauty, 
down passes into evergreen trees, through beautiful meadows and hillsides 
still blooming with Lupines, Indian Paintbrush and Mules Ear Daisies. My 
feet were still bothering me, but my heart was full of wonder and 
thankfulness that I had been blessed to see such beauty. I would be 55 the 
next day and we would be in later town tonight and hopefully celebrate my  
birthday with a big breakfast the next day.  It was not to be, I hit the 
wall near Squaw Valley and it took all my strength to get up the pass.  On 
the saddle at Tinker's Knob I  sat on a log and told Walt I couldn't go 
another step! It was here that God had planned the most wonderful night for 
Walt and me.

Our sunset was so breathtaking, a purple-pink with wispy clouds reaching to 
heaven in all directions and then a gradual darken to a bright blue sky full 
of twinkling stars and a full moon. I remember Walt kissing me good-night 
and the birds singing close by, the breeze rustling the shrubs around our 
sleeping place, lulling me to sleep, so peaceful and soul soothing.

Almost before I knew it, the sky was beginning to change with the advent of 
the sun, and the rosey pink cloud were lined with gold.  The sun slowly rose 
in the east and the birds were gently greeting a new day. Walt wished me a 
Happy Birthday, one I will always cherish -- God is so wonderful!  

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