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[pct-l] Memorable times on the trail...

How about some word pictures of particularly memorable space/times on the
trail.  Here's one of mine.  

On a section hike from Echo Summit to Tuolomne last summer I managed to
arrange to camp at Wolf Creek lake just north of Sonora Pass.  You drop down
off the trail a couple hundred feet to a sandy/rocky meadow.  The wind was
blowing upwards to 30 knots in gusts and was sustained at 20 or so.  The
clouds were dark and thick, roiling over Sonora Peak behind me.  I'd spent
the previous night on the wall in Noble Canyon below the Noble Lakes in the
hot sun, and this was going to be different.  I erected the tent and put all
my stuff in it and walked down to the lake's oulet.  A great avalanch had
occurred in the last couple years and trees were tossed about like some
great hand had come through and swept them down. The wind was concentrated
and at least 30 knots, if not higher. 

I stood on the logjam and looked out acorss the canyon and realized this was
why i was hiking, why each year I came back for more.  One of those moments
of "seeing" that is burned into memory.  

Jeffrey Olson
Seattle, Washington..;.where it never threatens to rain...

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