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Speech (was Re: [pct-l] JMT permits)

BJ received this:
>>If the tone and temper of your list posts does not become friendly, 
>>you will be permanently removed from the list.
>>-Brick Robbins
>>PCT List Admin

I believe this is totally unfair.  After someone is

> ....called a nazi (by both Dave & Brick) 

, Dave uses the "b" word, and Brick the term "crap", should we expect 
them to like it?  

Discussion is relatively empty if only one point of view is allowed 
(remember "Minds are like parachutes..."?).  Does our List Admin hold 
himself and Dave to the same standard that he holds BJ to?  If not, 
shouldn't a List Admin be more impartial than that?

I believe that of the 3, BJ is the one who is always as polite and 
respectful as one could ask.  And, in my eyes, no one makes a bigger 
contribution to this List.  Her posts contain either very helpful 
factual information, or a very well-reasoned point of view.

>    Well...   anybody want to be PCT e-mail pen-pals?      

With pleasure.  In addition, if BJ is removed from the List then 
I'll resign; not mainly because the List would be poorer for it, but 
because I'll choose to not be part of what appears to me to be a 
threat of censorship.

>>Bill, who plans to carry *3* Garcias (ugh) for a 19-day stretch 
>>between resupplies
>   Jeez, Bill, that's horrible! What stretch is that?! My hat's off to
>you - that's a lot of weight

*Two* 19-day stretches, actually, starting over Cottonwood Pass so I 
don't kill myself going over Trail Pass.  My own idiot choice, 
though:  I'm taking lots of time to savour and peakbag this trip.

Happy trails,

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