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[pct-l] Binoculars

The two final things I am researching for my hike
are a water filter & a pair of binocs.Has anyone
had good luck with any spacific brand for eather
of these items? Any help would be appreciated.

If you know anyone that gets the Sportman's Guide
Catalog, check out their back issues for the
Titanium binocs.  Disclaimer....I'm not an optics
expert.  I have owned a couple pair of binocs.....
none of them pricey.  I received a pair of these
ti-binocs for Christmas and I really do like them.
I doubt that they are really made of Ti, because
they are only 60 bucks or so, but they are very lite
compared to my old Simmons (but a good ounze
or two more than the listed weight).  They have
a ruby colored lens coating which reduces the glare
if you are in shade looking into sunlite territory and
in snowy conditions.  I don't know how well They'd
hold up to a thru since I've had them only 5 mo.
I like them enough to carry binocs again, after
dropping binocs from my gear list as I litened up.

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