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[pct-l] "stealth"/Whitney Trail

> is stealth camping not a possibility bc of this?

   Oh, I forgot (because of the Kearsarge canister-thing) to mention one
other thing: vis a vis the Whitney Trail/stealth: you can't just camp
any-ol'-place in the newish Whitney Zone - lots of  places are
closed-to-camping altogether now.
   Hey, Everybody out there... I posted the concessionarie toll-free #
etc to answer a posted query - not to provoke the anti-regulations
faction, honest.  If folks think these messages of mine are
inflammatory/bad-for-the-List, just e-mail me/whatever, and I'll go away
quietly. [sad smile, violins] It never occurred to me, especially since
this seemed to be an official-type (PCT Assoc and all) sort of group,
that anybody here would consider backcountry regulations "optional" - or
rangers/law-abiders "Nazis". What *is* the position of the PCT Assoc/List
etc about all  that stuff in the handouts at ranger stations, or printed
on the back of our permits ( or do we not bother with permits either)?
Does resentment of "being told what to do" translate into policy on this
group? What's all this anti-Smokey the Bear sentiment? I'm bewildered.   

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