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Re: [pct-l] JMT permits

At 08:49 PM 5/16/1998 EDT, RavingUU wrote:
>also, whats the deal on these "required" bear cannisters? "required" meaning
>you get kicked out if you dont have one, or that you get a pat on the head
>from the inyo rangers? 

To save the bears from their desire to get food from folks and then get
aggressive, they want us to keep our food away from the bears.  This means
that each night you must:

 Use a bear box (a big permanent steel cupboard)
    (see:  http://www.edgeinternet.com/sps/trails/bearboxs.htm    Bear Box
 Use a tree limb or cable to hang your food bag
 Use a bear can (see:  http://www.wcf.com/bearcan.html  )


>is stealth camping not a possibility bc of this?

Stealth camping and bear cans go together well.

Dave Gomberg	mailto:gomberg@wcf.com
FormMaestro  <http://www.wcf.com>
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