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[pct-l] A thru-hiker bags it, for now

Thru-hiker Scott Conover called me today from San Diego.  He's been on the
trail for a nearly a week or so, and decided to come home for at least a
couple of weeks.  It was cold and rainy most of the way from Campo to Warner
Springs, except for one nice day.  Scott said when he saw the view of San
Jacinto with solid white snow gracing its slopes, he knew this is turning
out to be an extreemely different situation than he had on his '94
thru-hike.  Scott also told me the ski resorts near Big Bear were
re-opening!  He's going to decide when he will go back to the trail after he
sees how the weather is shaping up.  It looks like a very late itinerary,
entering the Sierras in mid-July, or perhaps he will hike to Lone Pine then
flip up the Manning for a south-bounder.

Roger Carpenter

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