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Re: [pct-l] Weather

The water from Deep Creek is crossing over the road
>AGAIN. (Rock Springs Road) ... >>

>Some friends and I had planned to day-hike along Deep Creek from Arrowhead
>down to Highway 173 on Saturday. Is Highway 173 the same as Rock Springs
>Or is Rock Springs Road the one that bears northeast from Hghwy 173? Is Deep
>Creek crossing the road north of the dam / spillway? 

>Would you also anticipate a problem in hikers crossing Mojave Forks (or S.F.
>Mojave) River just southwest of the dam to reach Hghway 173?
>Thanks for whatever additional info you can provide,
>Charlie Jones

Deep Creek flows into the Mojave River. Rock Springs road is just north,
about 1/2-1 mile from the spillway. So the water that is crossing over the
road is actually the Mojave river. This would not interfere with the hike
that you are planning. I don't believe there would be any problem getting
to Highway 173. There is a road right there, with a bridge going over the
river. The road is Arrowhead Lake Road. This runs into Highway 173. The
hike you are planning is an nice hike for this time of year. The weather
should not effect your day. If the weather is still cool, the hot springs
should be an excellent stop. 

Have a great hike,

I was just outside. The sky is clear and the air is cold.

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