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[pct-l] A few final questions

Howdy All,

Well just a few more days before I begin my summer wanderings down at
Campo and I have two questions:  the first is how many batteries to put in
my resupply boxes?  I'm using a Solitare Mag Lite (the single AAA) and
plan on doing some night hiking.  Would one battery for every three days
be best, one for every five days, etc.?  The second question concerns
how many pairs of running shoes would work?  Will four pairs be enough for
the whole trail, or would I be much wiser going with five pairs?  I know
what Jeremy Rice would say (hey Jeremy, if you're still reading this list,
drop me an email to calm my fears about the wicked snow conditions!), go
with five pairs!  Any other opinions?  Thanks in advance for the

I've got my fingers crossed for some major sunshine in Southern

john thoreson

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