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[pct-l] RE: pct-l-digest V1 #477

> Date: Thu, 07 May 98 18:08:44 PDT
> From: "Jeremy Wilson" <jwvw@connectexpress.com>
> Subject: [pct-l] Ages and ages walking north and south
	Jeremy Wilson wrote:
> The youngest age for a solo hiker goes to Eric Ryback and Tod Bloxham, =
> though Tod hiked the whole thing. Like Ryback, Tod went southbound, in =
> '93, and had to go south because he was finishing high school. So he did =
> the wonderful walk at 18, and he's been weird ever since,...
> Not that I'm any more sound after walking north last summer,...
> Jeremy
> PCT-'97
	I'm writing:
	I did my solo hike of the trail in 1981 at the age of 17 (after an
early graduation from high school so I could start in April), turning 18 on
the trail in Burney.  I didn't do it as fast as Bug and Bob did, but in
those days, there wasn't the great push to rush up the trail as there seems
to be today (pre-Jardine schedule and all!!).  Of course, generally
speaking, we carried much heavier packs in those days as well.

	Good luck 98'ers!!!

	Eric H. Weinmann
	PCTA Board Member
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