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Re: Blister cure for Mary's husband with blisters at Warner Springs

The same thing happened to me in '94 - no trouble the first few days, but at
Barrel Springs my feet were a mass of blisters!  After waiting 5 days, I
resumed the trail at Idyllwild, but the blisters came back and at Big Bear
my feet were a disaster.  I took myself to a podiatrist (I live in s. Ca. &
just went home) who prescribed my now-magic blister cure - VASELINE!!!!!
your husband (after, of course, curing the infection) should IMMEDIATELY buy
a huge container of petroleum jelly; in the evening, he should slather his
feet with it, put plastic produce bags over his feet, then socks, and go to
sleep.  In the morning, remove the bags, wash feet as necessary (guys do
have this problem, don't they!) and slather the feet with more vaseline,
placing extra globs between the toes, and then put on liner socks, then
oversocks...and do this every hiking day.  The vaseline actually helps the
tissue repair itself and provides lubrication.  Yes, the socks get icky and
hard to clean, but....you might virtually be able to eliminate the blister
problem.  I have some of the wimpiest, boniest, female feet on the planet -
and this technique worked better than any high-tech blister device on the

Hope it works - keep me posted!


Christine Kudija
24135 Wildwood Canyon Road
Santa Clarita, CA  91321

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