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[pct-l] Ages and ages walking north and south

Dad bug wrote:
I believe that distinction goes to my daughter, Joy.  She was 15 when we =

completed the thru hike last year.  For anyone that met her on the trail =
know that this wasn't a dad drag daughter along, I felt dragged along beh=
ind her
many miles: )  BTW I believe last year saw the oldest thru hiker. Batch =
was 75
when he finished.  Had the opportunity to meet this wonderful gentleman, =
hope I
can still go that strong when I'm his age.

The youngest age for a solo hiker goes to Eric Ryback and Tod Bloxham, =
though Tod hiked the whole thing. Like Ryback, Tod went southbound, in =
'93, and had to go south because he was finishing high school. So he did =
the wonderful walk at 18, and he's been weird ever since,...

Not that I'm any more sound after walking north last summer,...

BTW, we've had the most incredible weather the past few weeks here in Sea=
ttle, about 70-80 degrees every day. Excellent year to go south!

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