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Re: [pct-l] flashlights

I started with the Petzl Micro, which is excellent for what it is. But =
later I switched to a small plastic cheap Lum-i-lite flashlight that uses=
 one AA and is plenty lighter than a AA Maglite. Another trick is to use =
the lithium battery, and carry one extra for back up. I found though that=
 in using the lithiums they'd burn out the bulb rather quickly. So in the=
 towns with hardware stores I'd seek out the next power bulb and the firs=
t one I switched to I'm still using today, though I still carry the spare=

> Tracy's weight issues brought-up questions I had, unfortunately, not =
all at
> once. I've read some of the ultralighters are using the Mag Solo(ist?) =

> flashlight, the little single AAA battery flashlight on a keyring. Has =

> anyone here found it adequate enough for late night nature calls, readi=
> and if necessitated, hiking-out in the dark. I'm using the larger two =
> AA Mag light currently and looking for a weight saving.
> -Ken Marlow
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