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Re: [pct-l] re: Tracy/weights

At 08:29 AM 5/7/1998 -0500, Ken Marlow wrote:
> The 
>titanium Sierra cup was a rational purchase, cutting a lot of weight-off 
>from the use of my oversized stainless steel Sierra cup, particularly when 
>it was on sale for around 9 bucks.

Gee, I set a value on weight (so it would make this kind of decision easy).  I
value weight at $.20/gram, = $5.70/oz. = $90/pound.  That is, I would pay
$900 to take 10 pounds off my back.  Sounds about right to me.

Anyway, at that rate it did not pay to REPLACE my stainless Sierra cup (25
years old and still ticking) with titanium.  It cost $10 as I recall and
saved 1 oz.

>  the only titanium pot large enough 
>for two people is bundled in a set of two (listing at REI at $80).

REI has run the .6L (good for one person) at $16.  I bought two, anyone
want one?  And they just ran the 1.3L (I think) at $26 or so.  But that
sale might be over, ask your store if they will still honor it.  Was a good
buy, but I will probably solo the JMT so I have enough.  My trail cup
(backup for the Sierra cup) is a Fremware 811 at 1.8 oz.  Nice heavy
plastic cup, holds about 12 oz.  

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