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[pct-l] stoves, airlines and campfires, dehy chilli

Carrying stoves on airplanes:
   the FAA regs are about carrying hazardous
   materials on airplanes, NOT about carrying
   stoves. The airlines have insituted the no stove
   rules just to be on the safe side. Also the 
   discrepancy Craig noted between what the
   reservation line said and the folks at the gate
   and/or security say can be attributed to the vast
   number of gov't rules and regs that the low paid
   airline employee is not keeping them straight: They
   can't get in trouble for being too safe. The Value Jet
   Florida crash still looms heavey in the industry.

   FWIW, domestic checked bagage is not regularly
   x-rayed  (though it can be) so if you put your pack 
   inside a duffel (so they don't ask "do you have camping
   gear") with an empty stove you should have no 
   problems. I would not advise lying to the agent.

Zip Stoves 
   The legal status of zip stoves is addressed on
   It seems that both Zip Stoves and petrochemical
   stoves are both classified as "Stove fires." At least
   in the Inyo National Forest.

Stoveless Travel
   <Flame suit on> I hiked from Campo to Ashland w/o 
   a stove. I did carry a 16 fl oz alumium pot and a plastic
   bowl with tight lid. I found in So-Cal, I generally did not 
   want hot food, so I just soaked my de-hy chilli in the
   water tight bowl for a couple of hours and ate it cold.
   Not bad. In the desert, I put it in the top of my pack
   during the day and had hot meals!

   In the colder areas, I cooked on a SMALL 
   cook fire in existing fire rings. I seldom cooked where
   I camped so stealth camping was not a problem. A 
   small cook fire should not be confused with a traditional
   campfire due to the extremely small amount of wood
   used and the short duration of the fire. No LNT flames

craig giffen wrote:
   >>p.s.  Speaking of cooking,  DON'T let any PCT hiker 
   give you dehydrated chili.  <<

   Craig, You never told me you didn't like the chilli!!! <gdr>
   Why do you think I was giving it away?!?!?!?!?!
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