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Re: [pct-l] stoves/fuel

At 03:35 PM 5/5/1998 -0400, you wrote:
> use one of those sierra wood burning stoves.  i don't know
>if there is woody type stuff to burn in southern cal. 

Well, except in the desert you should find plenty of wood.  There is a rule
against gathering wood over 9,600', which is not a good idea anyway because
the alpine area has a hard time concentrating nutrients anyway.    But you
can collect below 9,600' and burn above.

And bad news for the trail Nazis, this from my most recent letter to the
USDA attorney:

Here is the stove reference in question:

"The Sequoia and its smaller brother, the Sierra [by ZZ Stove], are both
approved by the Forest Service for use in areas where only stoves are

Camping in the 90s, Victoria Logue, Menasha Ridge Press, 1995

This book will appear, among others, in my web page on long distance hiking
books coming to a web near you soon.   Watch this space.   Dave

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