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RE: [pct-l] going stoveless?

In '97 I asked Wolf why he doesn't go stoveless.  (For those who don't
follow this list too closely, Wolf is an extremely ultra-light thru-hiker.
His "pack" weighed about 10 lbs including food and water when I met him in
southern California.)  He said that you really couldn't save  weight going
stoveless because edible cold food has more water in it than most foods that
need cooking.  The extra weight of the food cancels the weight savings of
the stove and fuel.  He chose a VERY light alcohol can type stove to cook
Mac Cheese and other light weight dinners, so this might not be quite so
true for those of us who carry heavier stoves and lots of extra fuel so we
won't run out. ;-)


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> From: 	Ripperton, Matt A
> Sent: 	Tuesday, May 5, 1998 3:39 AM
> To: 	'pct list'
> Subject: 	[pct-l] going stoveless?
> Thanks for all of your responses to my previous questions about taking
> packs
> & stoves on airplanes - they were helpful!!  More suggestions would always
> be appreciated, but I would like to throw another one out there...  I am
> considering going without my stove, pot, and fuel to save weight and room
> in
> the pack (this would also eliminate the previously mentioned dilemma).
> Does
> anyone have experience doing this over a sort-of extended period (I'll be
> out 4 weeks)?  My primary concerns would be lack of variety and lack of
> good
> nutrition.  Does anyone have any good ideas for lightweight,
> energy-sustaining, non-cook dinners?     -Ajax
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