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[pct-l] life is full of great surprises

Hello all
I have been lurking here in the dark for awhile sulking. See I did some of the
pct last year and had to quit I fell and hurt my back. And as the new hiking
year grew closer I was getting sadder and sadder. I was planning on tring to
go next year and then surprise ....... My boss said I could take off the
summer so as of today I am leaving to  the land of the free home of the
smelly. I will be join Walt and pat starting June 13 in serrie city. So I will
most likely not meet a lot of this years crops but I wanted to say
HURRAY!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh course now I only have a month or so (39days)to get
ready but I shall prevail.. See ya in the funny papers.
the tortoise who never says die......
Wendy AKA polite cat/tortoise
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