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[pct-l] Beyond LNT, COT!

Dear PCTers,

Let me espouse not LNT but COT, Clean-up Other's Traces.  In bringing up my
children and introducing them to wild places and the pleasures of camping
and hiking I have taught not only a simple LNT message but also a COT
message, that is, make the area you visit BETTER than you found it!  Pick
up some trash and pack it out.  Repair where you can and scatter fire signs
to discourage new fires.  

In my daughter's first backpacking trip into the John Muir Wilderness area
we camped at a lake that, in the classic "best" campsite, had a pile of old
rusted cans about four feet high.  We crushed and packed out all that our
two backpacks could carry and left a sign urging others to do the same to
attempt to return the beautiful area to a state closer to its original.  We
sure felt proud throwing them away it an appropriate way and my daughter
has never forgotten the lesson, nor shall she ever.  She is now proud to be
a "correcter" of others negligence.

So leave it better than you found it and be part of the solution, not part
of the problem.  Carryout what someone else thought might benefit the


Greg "Strider" Hummel

P.S. GO 98'ERS, GO!

"Who Knows A Mountain?"

Who knows a mountain?
One who has gone
To worship its beauty
In the dawn;

One who has slept
On its breast at night;

One who has measured
His strength to it height;

One who has followed
Its longest trail,
And laughed in the face
Of its fiercest gale;

One who has scaled its peaks,
And has trod
Its cloud-swept summits
Alone with God.

			Ethel Romig Fuller
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