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[pct-l] LNT

Dear PCTL,

I for one would rather not get dragged into an argument/discussion on what
is and isn't wilderness, where it begins and stops, etc.  The main point
here is not what wilderness is but what we can do to preserve, in the most
complete manner, those aspects that we value for generations to come,
including the PCT.  Is the PCT all wilderness?  Certainly not, but that
doesn't mean that we shouldn't try to preserve its character and values for
all hikers to come.  Some parts of the PCT are very close to "true
wilderness" (in whosever definition you care to chose) such as the Pasayten
Valley near the Canadian border where there is no trail or road through it,
the PCT just skirts the head of it, and where few men, I'll venture, have
ever ventured.  These parts should be preserved as closely as they are now
in perpetuaty.  Other parts of the PCT have been severely degraded by man
and have no hope of EVER being repaired, restored or converted back to a
semi natural state, such as Interstate 10 or the Bridge of the Gods.  Other
parts of the PCT have been severely impacted by man and may have a good
opportunity to be restored, such as the clear cut areas in Washington.

The LNT discussion is a good one for thru hikers as we are looked upon by
the general camping/hiking public as "the experts" due to our extensive
experience.  We should understand it and promote is as a responsible way to
help preserve the experience.  To each their own on to just what extent
they wish to live up to the extreme LNT principle.

But the focus at this time on this list should be on wishing a great send
off to the 98'ers, not to extreme wilderness ethical discussions!

Best regards,

Greg "Strider" Hummel
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