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[pct-l] sybil, martin, carl, dottie

howdy all,

i was exploring the indian flats area and soon realized
how close to the PCT i was.  i found sybil and martin
of switzerland in good shape at a camp just outside of
warner springs.  martin says he doesn't want to get too
far north too fast.  they've been hitting 15 miles a day.

after hiking back to my car, i drove out to pinyon pass
to find dottie and carl of maine at the paradise cafe
(formally the backwoods cafe).  dottie was on the phone
whilst carl and i chatted.  they too are doing fine.
dottie got poison oak early on but had it treated in

carl says that there is a group of 6 to 7 up ahead of
them.  (should be near san jacinto pk then.)

forgive me if i've duplicated any info.  i have been
working a good many hours and haven't kept up like i
should.  i was surprised to learn that so many folks are
this far north.  but then again, it's may already!  geez.
it's hard to keep up on the trail and IRL.

dave andersen, lake elsinore (riverside co.)

ps. carl says that the paradise cafe charges $30 a couple
for a meal.  yikes.  they settled on a slice of pie.

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