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Re: [pct-l] Stop that museum thief!

At 11:27 PM 5/2/1998 -0600, Charlie Thorpe wrote:
>>Charlie, I think you didn't read it (not them).  Read this time:...
>Thanks, Dave...they are the same posts I was referring to.

Referring to, yes.   Responding to, no.
>I intended the "absolutely nothing" quote to be an "attention grabber" and
>"thought provoker"...I have to admit that it never crossed my mind that it
>would (or could) be thought of as "Nazi dogma" <g>.

Well, absolutism got my attention.  It made me think you were a Nazi.  From
what I have seen subsequently about your conduct in this discussion, I was

>I am quite willing to stand behind the quote.  If I am only one tenth the
>debater that others have been on this subject, I should have no problem
>showing how virtually any item brought into the backcountry (and left) can
>be shown to somehow do damage...if done over and over and over.

Oh, so now we need to change the terms of the rule?

And what about the examples I have raised twice (including in the post to
which you are replying)?  Are you just conveniently ignoring them?  Another
Nazi tactic.
>This forum is of interest to both horsepackers and backpackers, so pick
>some item that either would be likely to try to dispose of by leaving in
>the backcountry.  

Wait a minute.  Who said anything about "dispose of"?   You said ANYTHING.

And aren't there things that one might leave that the other would not?   I
doubt a backpacker would be likely to leave a beer can 50 miles from a
trail head.   But a horsepacker might.   So that means beer cans are OK to
leave?   Charlie, I think you are over your depth here.  You want too much
to win and too little to be right.   

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