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Re: [pct-l] Stop that museum thief!

Charlie - 
  Thanks for your well-wishings and instructions on my AT hike this year.
This will be my second time running, so am well acquainted with the pros
and cons of the route.  Wilderness, it ain't.  But it sure beats most of the
alternative localities I could spend my summer!  You are right - most AT hikers
are not aware of the realities of trail damage, that in existance or to which
they, themselves, may be contributing.  The arduousness of the journey for 
most first timers doesn't exactly support a higher-calling attitude, either.
It's raw survival at times.  Minimum impact hiking and camping is certainly
my creed this time around, as it was prior, and I hope to have the chance to
spread instructions and general helpfulness to those who might listen.  I
also hope to improve my own methods and focus my philosophies on man's
proper role among nature.
  Be great to add further to the discussion, but I'm flying to Atlanta in
the morning.  To all fellow listers, a hearty thanks for all help re: thew
PCT.  Bittersweet perhaps, but it is with the info provided via this list 
that I was able to make an informed decision on the prospects of a '98 
thru-hike.  The answer is "maybe next year."  But long before then, I'll
be back on here to read word on the progress of those who did venture
forth North.  Best of success, class of '98!
- Brett Tucker, Blister>Free, GAME '96, GA-? '98
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