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[pct-l] San Jacinto Area Conditions


The recorded report from the Long Valley Ranger Station on San Jacinto for
April 30 indicates:

Currently " ... fair weather @ 8,500 feet. 
Forecast is " ...continued fair weather; winds are calm"
Wednesday's High / Low Temps:  60 / 31 degrees

Trail conditions from Long Valley to Round Valley are " ... broken and
passable."  Snowshoes, crampons are highly recommended. 

Trail conditions to San Jacinto Peak are " ... NOT as well broken and
passable."  Rangers highly recommend that people not head to the peak unless
they have good snow-navigational skills and the required snow equipment. 

There are currently 12 inches of dirty, hard-packed snow in Long Valley (down
from 43" in less than 2 weeks).

Hike with care,
Charlie Jones
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