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[pct-l] Bears

Birgitte said:

>it's no big deal having a black bear checking out your camp

  Just don't tell that to the folks who have been fatally mauled by black bears. 
Birgitte, I'm sure you don't really mean this.  Just because polar bears are
known to hunt people and that grizzlies (brown) might hunt people doesn't make
"blackie" harmless.  A few years back, a woman at her cabin in the Wrangels was
eaten by a black bear after it chased her to the roof of the cabin.  Two years
ago, 2 persons were killed by a black at Liard Hot Springs, a place I love to
frequent, along the Alaska Highway.  All bears kill people and, thus, all
deserve our respect and/or fear.  Sure, I've had plenty of black bears come to
my camps and I've treated it lightly; it just takes one time when things don't
go as expected and I'll be front-page news.
  Good series, Charlie.

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